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Trancefusions - 023 - (Guest DJ Chris Hynds)

February 21st, 2017


1 - Paul McCartney & Wings vs Timo Mass & James Teej - Nineteen Hunread And Eighty Five (Tim Green Remix)
2 - Yotto - Aviate
3 - Deep Fog & Cream - Neverland
4 - Hot Since 82 & Habischman - Leave Me (Dubfire Remix)
5 - Rick Pier O’Niel - Dangerous Position Pt.1
6 - Tim Penner - So Far From Here
7 - Simos Tagias & Billy Alex - Nature Voice
8 - Blue Soul - Code Talkers (Ziger Remix)
9 - The Digital Blonde - State Of Dream
10 -Spektre - Sweaty Betty (Skober Remix)
11 - Anthony G - Prvada (Desaturate and Justice Rmix)

DJ Vernski - Jerry

1) Daniel Lesden - The End of the Aquarius Age (Original Mix)
2) Steve Birch - Tales from the Darkside (Original Mix)
3) Steve Birch - Alice Dee (Original MIx)
4) Astral Projection - Humans Will Play For Robots (00DB Remix)
5) Tripy - Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix)
6) Daniel Lesden - Pangea Proxima (Original Mix)
7) Middle Mode, Relativ - Divination (Daniel Lesden Remix)
8)Atacama, Jakaan - Etros Protector(Original Mix)
9) The Digital Blonde - Symposium (Original Mix)
10) Daniel Lesden - The Dream of Electric Sheep (Original Mix)


Subconscious - Chris Hynds & DJ Vernski B2B Studio Mix

November 16th, 2015

Hello there and welcome to this very special back to back studio set mixed by myself and Chris Hynds. We both currently create podcasts dedicated to underground trance, progressive, techno and psytrance. We actually have a similar sound so it seemed like the right idea to get together and create a back to back mix called - Subconscious.

I've long admired Chris as a DJ and his collection of Deeper Shades of Trance is definitely worth checking out. His latest podcast Underground Therapy has been experiencing quite a bit of success as he's landed quite a few guest mixers on the show.

This 3 hour musical journey is going to take you through some techno, progressive trance, breaks and even some psytrance. This set is really for those who are serious about their underground music as you will be taken on musical subconsious safari 
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Tracklist coming soon....