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Trancefusions - 010 Alessandro Spaiani Guest Mix

October 25th, 2015

Trancefusion No. 1
1) Following Light - Enthuse (Jeremy Rowlett Remix)
2) Diego Poblets - Tobogan (Original Mix)
3) John Cosani - Second Life (Original Mix)
4) Greenage - Lost Memories (Manu Riga's Night At Goa Remix)
5) Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan - Breaking Point (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix)
6) Quadran - Animals Rebellion (Another Audio Noir Odyssey)

Trancefusion No.2
1) Ticon - Hopes of Hades (Vini Vici Remix)
2) Ace Ventura, Lifeforms Royal Rumble - (Original Mix)
3) Cosmithex, Daniel Lesden - Genesis (Original Mix)
4) Vini Vici - Alteza (Original Mix)
5) John 00 Fleming - The Imperial Echos Of Devastation (Original Mix)
6) The Overlords - God's Eye on Goa (Liquid Soul Remix)

Guest Mix - Alessandro Spaiani
1) Alessandro Spaiani - Blue Dancefloor [JOOF]
2) Avox25 - All We Need (Original Mix) [Keep On Techno]
3) Chocolate Avenue - The way I do (NHB Remix) [Audio Elite]
4) Alessandro Spaiani - One Night In That Club (Original Mix) [Syncopate]
5) Adelmo - Astrith (Original Mix) [Czr]
6) Atesh K. - Thinking About Meri [Regular Beats]
7) Noizy Knobs - Sunspense [N.O.I.A]
8) Osiris Project - Rebirth (Original Mix) [Drum-Tec]
9) Alessandro Spaiani - The Glory [Tekx]
10) Alessandro Spaiani - Revenge [JOOF]

Alessandro's Bio
Alessandro began his career in 2008. His passion for the music pushed him to enter in the world of DJ-ing and electronic music production.

His musical influences vary from rock, metal, electronic. But his real passion is mainly Techno and Psytrance. 
Over the years, Alessandro, released singles on quite a few famous techno labels such as Italo Business, Gate Null, JOOF, Binary404 to name a few.

He made his name in production and his music is now being played everywhere around the globe, after this came the first international gigs and radio broadcasts . His passion for the music and genius productions is marked by his very own signature and style.
His drive and motivation is to improve and innovate his production and offer the best in music.