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Trancefusions 005 - Essentials Mix #1

March 5th, 2015

Hello Everyone and it's great to have you here again for another Trancefusions episode.

I would firstly like to thank you all for the likes, comments and shares for last month's episode featuring Moshic. It recently hit over 1000 plays and it's wonderful to see, your interest and support is greatly appreciated.

I recently launched my website It is a one stop shop for all music mixes, upcoming live gigs and artist blogs. I would love to hear from you guys, so send me a message via the website - I will reply to as well

This month's episode has a nice selection of deep dark techno in the progressive picks and the trancefusion #2 has some great progressive trance grooves. A particular is a brand new release from Daniel Lesden - Human Simulation. I have also dropped a classic progressive trance track in there, those that remember the glory days of trance will appreciate this one.

The feature set is a selection of a variety of favourite tracks in my library. It moves through a range of sub-genres, starting quite low key and relaxed, it then moves into a more progressive trance feel and works its way to a progressive psytrance finish.

I really hope you all enjoy this episode

Progressive Picks
1) Deng & Slavak - Legend Of Ararat (LoQuai Remix) 
2) Audio Noir - Floorlicker (Original Mix)
3) Audio Noir - Under the Sun (Original Mix)
4) Cirez D - Ruby (Original Mix)
5) Rick Pier O'Neil - Rool Into The World (Pt. 1)
6) TKNO - The Curious Incident (Alen Milivojevic Remix)
7) Alex Di Stefano - Ironclad (Spektre Remix)

Trance-Fusion #2
1) Daniel Lesden - Life Simulation (Original Mix)
2) Relaunch - Suspense (Basil O'Glue Remix)
3) Arcalis - Interamnia (Original Mix)
4) Gai Barone - Metal Jaws (Extended Mix)
5) Audioholics - External Key (Original Mix) [Classic Track Surprise]

Essentials Mix #1
1) Ivan Nikusev, Cosmithex - The Secret Of Orion (You Are My Salvation Remix)
2) Rick Pier O'Neil - The Last Day (Rick Pier O'neil Remix 2014)
3) Audio Noir - Brooklyn Xpress (Alex Vidal Remix)
4) Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan - Favela (Dousk Remix)
5) Verche - Grey Scale (Original Mix)
6) Basil O'Glue - Seven Sages (EA3 Reconstruction Edit)
7) Andromedha - From Sunrise to Sunset (Jeremy Rowlett Remix)
8) Nicholas Bennison - 79 Protons (Original Mix)
9) Cosmithex - Scarlet (Original Mix)
10) Airwave, The Digital Blonde - Fuji (Aladiah Remix)
11) E-Clip - Streamline (Original Mix)
12) Lyctum - Galactic Society (Daniel Lesden Remix)
13) Dan Ascherl - Maza Chante 6.0 (Original Mix)