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Trancefusions - 004 Feature Set (Moshic) Mixed By DJ Vernski

February 2nd, 2015

Hello Everyone and welcome back!!!

Thanks for tuning in to this brand new episode of Trancefusions.

I've got a great selection of new and recent releases for both the Progressive Picks and Turbo mix. I'm very happy to also be showcasing in the 2nd hour, productions and remixes from Moshic.

The very essence of Trancefusions is to provide a wide variety of music for all of you enjoy. So it was an easy choice to select Moshic as February's DJ/Producer. Moshic, originally from Israel, brings his own unique style and flavour to the progressive genre. For more information on Moshic follow these links.

Progressive Picks

1) Alex Vidal - Pieces Of A Dream (Original Mix)
2) Audio Noir - Morphine (Sa.Du Remix)
3) Audio Noir - Brooklyn Xpress (Alex Vidal Remix)
4) Chris Harris - What's Left Of Them... (Matteo Monero Remix)
5) Ivan Mokshin - Bang Bang (Anthony G Remix)

Turbo Mix
1) Lifeforms - Illumination (Osher Remix)
2) Mekka, Daniel Lesden - Aurora (Original Mix)
3) Norma Project - Walking on the Moon (Nature Remix)
4) Antix - Hiding Place (Critical Choice Remix)
5) Ovnimoon - Sat Nam for Me, Sat Nam for You (Original Mix)

DJ/Producer Feature Set (Moshic) Mixed By DJ Vernski
1) Moshic - Idra Rama (Original Mix)
2) Moshic - Bat Kol (Original Mix)
3) Moshic - Call Me Delilah (Original Mix)
4) Moshic, TD - Common Ground feat. TD (Pt. 1)
5) Moshic - Friend Of Money & Power (Original Mix)
6) Moshic - Eyirakuz (Original Mix)
7) Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan - Euphoria (Moshic Remix)
8) Moshic - HOSURE (Original Mix)
9) Moshic - Atnachta (Argonout Mix)
10) Moshic - 15 Is God (Original Mix)
11) Moshic - Elena & The Island (Loquai Remix) 
12) Moshic - Una Hamm (Frangellico Remix)
13) Moshic - Argaman (Original Mix)
14) Moshic - Hell Behind & Eden Ahead (Original Mix)