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Trancefusions 003 Progressive Picks 2014 Year Mix (Part 1)

January 8th, 2015
Trancefusions 003 - (Progressive Picks 2014 Year Mix Part 1) Mixed By DJ Vernski
Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of Trancefusions, as always a really big thanks to everyone that has streamed and downloaded previous podcasts. It's great to be getting comments and messages from you all, so keep them coming :-)
So as 2014 came to a close, I've taken a close look at the tracks collected during the year and I've compiled a set that will most probably be about 4 hours long. Throughout the course of 2015, I will be sprinkling 1 hour progressive feature sets. Since the second hour will be at a slower pace, I've ramped up the 2 mini mixes and put together a trancey mix, followed by a harder break beat/trance/psy set.
One of the really enjoyable things in doing this show is being able to share new productions from DJ/Producer friends from around the world. The opening track - Playing With Fire featured in the second turbo mix was produced by friend Kris Ellissentials. He has been a DJ and producer for about 15 years, this latest release has done extremely well on the beatport charts at the end of last year.
For further info on Kris :
For more info on myself:
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1) Ivan Nikusev, Wav-E - Aurora (Airwave Breaks Remix)
2) Rodg, RNX - Moonman (Original Mix)
3) Nicholas Bennison - 79 Protons (Phoebus Remix)
4) Winkee - Helsinki (Liam Wilson Remix) (Original Mix)
5) Simon Templar - Solitude (Original Mix)
6) Simon Templar - To The Stars (Pt.II)
1) Ellissentials - Playing WIth Fire (Original Mix)
2) Alex Di Stefano - Escape from the Past (Original Mix)
3) Aho - Ego (Original Mix)
4) Outsiders, Freedom Fighters - Dust (Original Mix)
5) Zen Mechanics, E-Clip - Flashback (Original Mix)
6) Side Effects - Communication Frequency (Original Mix)
1) Darkployers - Far From Light Pollution (Original Mix)
2) Darkployers - Prognosis (Original Mix)
3) Etnia - Initiation of Darkness (Suggy Remix)
4) Rick Pier O'Neil - The Lights Shine Around (Original Mix)
5) Arthur Minnahmetov - Why (Original Mix)
6) Audio Noir - Afro Theme (Original Mix)
7) Chaim - Blue Shadow (Original Mix)
8) Faskil - Change (LoQuai Remix)
9) Thorin - Hallucinogen (Original Mix)
10) Moshic - Eriyakuz (Original Mix)
11) Nico Parisi - Soult (Audio Noir Pressure Mix)
12) LoQuai, Breeze & Quadrat - Falling Stars (Original MIx)
13) John 00 Fleming - Ashoka (Original Mix)